The Burren Centre, located at the centre of the village, will contribute greatly to your understanding of the Burren as it unfolds the mysteries and delights of the region, highlighting aspects of the Burren landscape, geology, flora and fauna. Its interactive display is well worth a visit.

Kilfenora was once known as the City of the Crosses. These crosses, carved from limestone, date to the 12th Century and five of the original seven are on display in a part of the 12th Century Cathedral.  This building was altered during the 1800s and the more recent part remains in occasional use for religious services.  In the summer months it is home to the Kilfenora Timeline, a local community heritage project which details the history of the village and surrounding area from the establishment of a monastic community in the 6th Century, up until the present day.  The Timeline is free to visit, and will provide the visitor with a great deal of background knowledge, in addition to affording one an opportunity to view the interior of this magnificent structure.  

Kilfenora is perhaps best known for its traditional Irish music and dancing. Set-dancing is held year-round, every Sunday night at Vaughan's Barn.  From October to March, set-dancing classes are held on Thursday nights before the dancing and everyone is encouraged to take part.  Traditional music can be heard on most nights in the local pubs.  No-where can one experience the true tradition more than by joining in one of the many spontaneous sessions which abound in North Clare